DSAI Training Roadmap

The only thing better than quality training,
is a roadmap on where to find them

What is this Training Roadmap

  • This Training Roadmap is a reference guide that can be used by Public Officers to identify the relevant training courses that are curated for a) the level of complexity and b) the expected competencies that are suitable for the officers. They are harmonised into meaningful learning paths which aims to smoothen the learning experience
  • By “reference guide”, this document is meant to be a reference which agencies can apply, adapt, and customizethe training roadmap to meet the specific training needs of the agencies.
  • This Training Roadmap builds upon the DSAI Competency Framework as the blueprint to translate the competencies into specific topics, skills, and techniques, which are covered in training courses.

What can you find in this Training Roadmap?

A Quick Guide on how to use this Training Roadmap

An introduction to Major Archetypes in DSAI, which can be used to identify the archetypes that best matches your current role

A Learning Path for each of the archetypes, showing the recommended progression of the training, starting with primer, then moving on to onboarding and enhancement courses

Catalogues of Courses provided by Training Partners for the specific sections of a Learning Path.

How to Use this Training Roadmap?

Important Notes

Scope of Training

Data Exploitation – This Training Roadmap focuses on the “data exploitation” aspects of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (DSAI), such as

  • using data analytics techniques to derive actionable insights,
  • building data pipelines and databases to transform data into an analytics-ready state
  • deploying machine learning applications into a product

While there are other aspects of DSAI, such as data strategy, data privacy & ethic, and data governance, these are generally not in the scope of this training roadmap.

Technical Skills & Knowledge – The training courses in this document primarily focus on the technical skills and knowledge which can be acquired through practical and hands-on trainings. The softer aspects of the DSAI skills, such as problem-solving, structural thinking, and communication are not covered.

Intended Usage

Reference Point – This training roadmap is intended to be an information guide for high-quality training courses, organised according to our framework. Please directly contact the participating training providers if your agency is interested in any of the training courses. You can direct your enquiries on the training details, procurement, and administrative matters to the training providers, using the contact information provided herein

Limitations and Disclaimers

Non-exhaustive – The training courses listed in this document are not intended to be an exhaustive list of training courses that agencies or public officers can choose from.

Subject to Change – The details in this document are subject to regular changes as we may constantly refresh the contents, descriptions of archetypes, the learning paths, or the courses provided by partners. You should always check for the latest version which can be found here: https://sgdcs.sgnet.gov.sg/sites/data